Repro-light Project Is Introduced To Over 1700 Lighting Experts

The User Centred Approach of Repro-Light, Involving The User In The Project
August 15, 2018
Collaboration with LightingEurope
November 2, 2018
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Repro-light Project Is Introduced To Over 1700 Lighting Experts

Katrin Tanzer at LpS 2018 for Repro Light

Repro-light Project Is Introduced To Over 1700 Lighting Experts

Katrin Tanzer and Horst Rudolph of the Repro-light consortium joined over 1700 attendees of the 2018 LED professional Symposium +EXPO in Austria this month. Together they introduced the audience to the Repro-light project and shared the first results.

Katrin Tanzer shared the key facts of the project and presented all the partners of the Repro-light consortium. The project is standing on 3 pillars, i.e. new technologies for a Modular Luminaire Architecture, Sustainability and User-centred Design to enhance the health and well-being of workers.

The aims of the project in and after its lifetime were shortly presented. Beside the development of a luminaire architecture the Repro-light project aims to optimise also the production of customized luminaires and to demonstrate the impact of (personalized) lighting on workers’ well-being.

Horst Rudolph presented the industry’s motivation for the Repro-light project, e.g. the difficulties in modularity that have arisen with the LED and the need to lower production costs for customized luminaires to allow mass-customization. The key questions is besides modularity, which building blocks should also be exchangeable and for whom (end-user, installer, producer). Besides, Life Cycle Analysis has to be considered to efficiently reuse or recycle the most efficient parts.

Katrin Tanzer presented the first results of the determination of the user requirements for future lighting systems, a literature review, an end-user survey and focus groups. In the end-user survey more than 1000 workers from the applications office and industry stated their satisfaction with their current workplace lighting (not great) and their wishes for future workplace lighting (should adapt to their personal needs). There is a stronger need for better workplace lighting for workers with high visual demands and a greater openness for new systems in younger end-users and workers who believe that light has an impact on their performance and mood. Furthermore, people always want their future lighting system to do more than the current one, but want to go step-by-step technology-wise. In the focus groups interviews with relevant stakeholders were performed to get more qualitative data and insight into the answers found in the survey.