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Bartenbach GmbH |

Bartenbach is an Austrian lighting design and research consultancy that consists of four divisions, i.e. lighting design, research & development, lighting solutions and the Bartenbach academy. The effect light has on people is the central theme of Bartenbach's work. In the planning of daylighting and artificial light as well as in the development of innovative lighting solutions a team of physicists, psychologists, application and electronics specialists, mathematicians, architects and designers looks at light in all its facets. The starting point of every conception is always the desired appearance of a space; considering aspects of visual perception leads to a lighting concept. Man with his visual, emotional and health needs is placed at the focus of all these considerations. As part of the network of the international knowledge community Bartenbach’s research & development department is always at the cutting edge of research related to lighting. Continuous fundamental and applications oriented research flows directly into applications and product innovation. The research & development department also put this experience into the service for clients as partner for research and development. These clients across the world work in the lighting industry, are research partners and customers who want to generate additional benefits in their respective business areas. Today, Bartenbach employs about 80 people at their site in Aldrans, Tyrol, and is run by Christian Bartenbach Jr. as a second-generation family business.

BJB GmbH & Co.Kg |

BJB will bring the knowledge about mechanical, electrical and thermal interfaces including the flexible automated production for new LED lighting systems. Within this project the concept for a socket-connector system is developed in respect of special requirements for interchangeable intelligent light modules, giving BJB the opportunity to use these synergies in Reprolight. BJB has developed and implemented more than 160 automated production lines for worldwide customers in the lighting and domestic appliance industry. It is also an active member in national and international standardisation committees like IEC and Zhaga. The experience of these innovation projects and standardisation work will be used in the Repro-light project.

Fundacio Institut de Recerca de L’Energia de Catalunya (IREC) |

The Catalonia Institute of Energy Research (IREC) has a strong commitment for technology transfer and possesses a versatile profile working on a wide variety of topics of this EU call, focusing on Factories of the future, industry 4.0, sustainability, LCA, energy efficiency and innovative lighting technologies. IREC is very active in smart-lighting and focuses on research and development of lighting control strategies and systems, passing by LED lamps/luminaire designs, testing and validation, according to standardised electrical and photometric and human centric lighting. In the European framework IREC participates in the field of the intelligent LEDs with the aim of developing a number of spectrally tunable light engines with integrated intelligence, low-cost and low-consumption, HI-LED project and others28. The Institute participates as partner in different European projects from different H2020 calls and Innovation Framework Programmes (CIP).


Grado Zero Espace S.r.l. is an Italian Design & Prototyping SME, specialized in advanced material solutions, innovative manufacturing, and in technology transfer, from lab scale to several industrial domains. The main goal of GZE is to transform materials and technologies into innovative products. The company has been pioneering in exploring new concepts of lighting, bringing the electroluminescence on practically any type of flexible support: see the reLIGHT technology, a digitally printed technology developed and owned by the company. GZE is also active in the human-centered lighting design, being also member of the AAL project CLOCKWORK, aiming to create a healthy and comfortable environment for supporting middle-aged to older adults in the improvement of their circadian rhythms, through a correct lighting therapy. In the Repro-Light project, Grado Zero Espace is mainly responsible for the integration of additive manufacturing and digital technologies in the demonstrators, as well as for implementing Eco-Design concepts for the new products and processes.

Luger Research e.U. |

Exploring light for a better future. Luger Research is founder, owner and publisher of LED professional, a key global publication focusing on trends and technologies for future lighting systems. Furthermore, LR organises the annual LED professional Symposium +Expo and the bi-annual SSL electronica forum in Munich. Access to the lighting sector via LR’s channels is essential for the Repro-light project communication. Luger Research fosters a global understanding of future lighting solutions. They do this by raising awareness, communicating and supporting the lighting industry and research, and by facilitating partnerships. This enables lighting technologies and trends to contribute to sustainability and well-being, for a better future.


MON is represented in the Repro-light project by its Innovation Design Centre. The Centre has an ongoing commitment for design knowledge transfer, which is based on a strong relationship with the business world. Within the European research framework, MON takes part in several projects29, enhancing all stakeholder participation and integrating the User Centred Design approach into the projects. Furthermore, MON works on testing, analysing and understanding the user perception of new technologies and its behaviour facing new innovative ideas, such as future lighting solutions.

ROHNER Engineering |

ROH is a highly qualified software and firmware development partner with special expertise in lighting related technologies and in depth knowledge of interfaces such as DALI and Bluetooth Low Energy. ROH has worked on and co-developed a number of lighting related products such as emergency.



TRILUX represents the simplest and most reliable path to customised, energy-efficient and future-proof lighting solutions. In the dynamic and ever increasingly complex lighting market, customers are provided with optimal advice, ideal orientation and perfect light. According to the principle of "SIMPLIFY YOUR LIGHT", simple planning, installation and use is focused on for customers in addition to quality and cost efficiency. The TRILUX group is represented in the Repro-light project by both its Centre for Innovation and Technology (ITZ Innovations- und Technologiezentrum GmbH) and the TRILUX GmbH & Co. KG. The TRILUX GmbH & Co. KG hosts the production facilities that will be subject to research on industry 4.0 related topics within Repro-light. The ITZ serves as the central R&D department of the TRILUX group for electronics, software, optics and mechanics, thus covering all aspects of modern LED based luminaires and lighting systems. Over the past years, TRILUX has been involved in several national R&D projects. Among them is the research project OLIVE (Optimized Lighting Systems to Improve Productivity and Health, 2014 - 2017). The main focus of OLIVE was to investigate intelligent illumination with respect to biological effects of light on humans, meaning that the output of this project is of particular interest for Repro-light. A further project on biological effects of light on humans was PLACAR (Plasma Lamps for Circadian Rhythms, 2006 - 2009), where the influence of different light spectra and incident angles on the suppression of melatonin was investigated.